Holy Chipotle Flamin’ Posole

Marinate pork roast (I prefer a tenderloin) overnight 1/2 can of Coca Cola and 2 Tbs of Holy Chipotle Flamin’ Culinary Sauce. About 6 – 8 hours later add the marinated roast into a crock-pot and simmer on low for another 4 – 6 hours. Watch the fluid level and add water accordingly. Remove the tender, self-shredding pork from the crock-pot. Salt to taste and place in a separate container and place in the refrigerator. Cook the White Corn Posole in water in the crock-pot for 2 hours. Add a sautéed onion and some garlic and cook with the posole for approximately 4 hours. Do not add salt to the pose until it has fully opened and is ready to serve. When the posole is bursting with excitement, add the pork back into the pot and let this simmer together for about 15 minutes. Once the entire soup is hot and the juices have combined and stewed, it is ready to serve. I suggest a squirt of fresh lime and minced garlic as a garnish.

It is worth the wait as the slow cooking of this recipe fills the house with anticipation and splendor!

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