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Estancia Valley Pinto Beans - 10 lb bag

Estancia Valley Pinto Beans - 10 lb bag
Estancia Valley Pinto Beans - 10 lb bag
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In the southwest, "bean" refers to the frijole, the pinto bean of commerce. Pinto Beans are light ivory in color and have reddish brown spots. Hence, the Spanish name translated, "painted bean". When cooked, they become a rich red and brown overall. They have long been a staple food among the Spanish-speaking population and have now gained popularity in the eastern and western regions as well. According to health experts, dried beans are a nearly perfect food because of their high fiber and protein content, making pinto beans an excellent source of nutrition. From the standpoint of acreage, pinto beans are the fifth most important crop in the state of New Mexico. Of the acreage devoted to the production of pinto beans, approximately 78% lies in or around the Estancia Valley, making it the most important bean-producing region in the state. The Estancia Valley is located close to the geographic center of New Mexico, just east of Albuquerque, and covers an area of almost 2,000 square miles.

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